ABB E-mobility has recently introduced at CES 2023 in Las Vegas the new Terra Home smart AC charging solution for electric vehicles. Set to go on sale later this year, the Terra Home ushers in the next generation of consumer choice for residential EV charging. The innovative design will enable users to make the best possible use of their renewable energy sources to further reduce their carbon footprint.

ABB E-mobility: how’s the new Terra Home charging system

Leon van de Pas, SVP for the Destination charging business line at ABB E-mobility, commented: “As we mark the start of yet another pivotal year in our drive to enable a low-carbon society, the survey results demonstrate that drivers are ready and willing to make the journey alongside us. Offering unprecedented user choice, the new Terra Home provides the flexibility for an even greater number of people to simply and stylishly embrace the transition to electric mobility”.

ABB E-mobility’s Terra Home charger is capable to automatically prioritize electricity from renewable domestic sources, such as the solar one. Moreover, intelligent features such as Plug N Charge enable instant and automatic recognition between vehicle and charger, making charging authorization completely seamless. In addition, interactive lighting features indicate the state of the charging session, while notifications on charging status are easily accessible on the ABB E-mobility charger app.


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