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Electric Truck

Mercedes, the eActros begins series production in Wörth

Before the eActros comes to the Future Truck Center – the production hall in building 75, which was officially put into operation with the start of today's series production – for its electrification, it will be flexibly manufactured on the existing assembly line alongside trucks with conventional d…

UK, Tevva 7.5-tonne truck will be soon ready for mass production

The British manufacturer Tevva unveiled first British designed 7.5-tonne electric truck intended for mass production in the UK. The truck aims to provide a natural transition into commercial vehicle electrification having been built on a robust and proven truck-derived chassis. Tevva announced the i…

Electric Van

UK, 30 full-electric LEVC vans for bp pulse fleet

The VN5 electric vans are being used by bp pulse’s electricians when installing EV charging points across the country and will also help field service engineers maintain bp pulse’s UK-wide network of more than 8,000 public charging points.





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