Sustainable Truck&Van is a newborn international website fully focused on low- and zero-emissions trucks and vans as well as sustainability in the field of heavy-duty and commercial vehicle transport. It belongs to the editorial platform of the publishing house Vado e Torno Edizioni and devotes attention to product news, case studies, market and technology trends, interviews and international exhibitions. 

The network of Sustainable Truck&Van is made by a website updated every day with the latest news and trends, by a weekly newsletter addressed to the subscribers and by our social media channels, in order to meet the needs of a broad and diverse international audience. 

Sustainable Truck&Van aims to support and promote the push towards energy transition in heavy-duty and commercial vehicle transport. The Next Generation EU Plan in Europe as well as other standards that are about to enter into force all over the world will soon lead to a scenario featured by a higher degree of sustainability.

CNG, LNG, electrification or the introduction of hydrogen-fueled vehicles are supposed to allow a significant drop of emissions. Of course, in order to meet the targets and achieve a successful transition, not only the vehicles but the whole chain need to be actually sustainable: we’re talking about infrastructure and energy supply. As a matter of fact, some major players are gradually shifting their focus, while some other players are entering the truck and van market. Sustainable Truck&Van will give voice to all of them.

In the newsroom

Editor in chief:
Maurizio Cervetto

Managing editor:
Fabrizio Dalle Nogare

Editorial staff:
Riccardo Schiavo, Stefano Agnellini, Fabio Butturi, Alberto Gimmelli

Head of sales:
Luca Brusegani

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Marco Zanusso

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