ABB E-mobility has enhanced its customer offering with the acquisition of Vourity, a Swedish start-up with award-winning cloud-based technology for payment of EV charging. Vourity’s technology simplifies the driver’s life at the charging station, eliminating the need for numerous phone apps or payment tags. Its technology enables rapid, secure payment for EV charging, using a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, mobile pay and RFID tags. Vourity’s cloud-based solution can be operated through a pay station or directly integrated into the charging station.

The acquisition of Vourity: ABB E-mobility CDO speaking

The addition of Vourity brings a key element to ABB E-mobility’s technology stack, allowing it to integrate seamless payment systems into its customer offering. “What impressed us most about Vourity’s technology is just how simple and easy it is to use and that’s what we aspire to in our systems, so it’s a perfect strategic fit for ABB E-mobility,” said Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, Chief Digital Officer at ABB E-mobility. “The addition of both the people and the technology from Vourity will strongly enhance and accelerate the development of our own systems and enable us to better serve our customers.”

“Our aim with Vourity has always been to deliver a seamless customer experience at the point of payment. As we evolve from the start-up phase into full commercialization, we are confident that as part of ABB E-mobility we will be able to ramp up our ability to deliver that experience at scale while continuing to develop and improve our technology,” added Hans Nottehed, co-founder and CEO of Vourity.


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