The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) strongly supports revising the Weights and Dimensions Directive under the ‘Greening Freight Package’, considering it crucial for promoting the adoption of battery-electric and hydrogen-powered trucks and buses. ACEA has just released an interesting position paper, which outlines several improvements that would enable and support the transition to zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles.

The new weights and dimensions, according to ACEA

Among the statements issued, the need to ensure that the additional weight allowance can be fully allocated to zero-emission motor vehicles. Only if it becomes fully available for motor vehicles will it be possible to accommodate zero-emission powertrains in a wide range of vehicle segments, without sacrificing payload and thereby reducing their competitiveness.

The additional weight allowance will only become fully available if the axle weight of the driven axle is increased by one tonne simultaneously. The proposal to increase this to 12.5 tonnes (from 11.5 tonnes) is a crucial prerequisite, without which it will not be possible to use the additional weight allowance fully. Despite a moderately higher driven axle weight, the overall impact on road wear and tear will be even lower due to inner-vehicle weight distribution adjustments.

Also, the additional length (+0.9 metres) granted to ZEVs is an equally crucial prerequisite to enable a wide range of vehicle segments to swiftly transition to zero-emission powertrains.


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