Primary Chinese battery specialist CATL launched the very first battery swapping stations in Xiamen, China. Four stations have apparently been installed, while about 30 stations are expected to be in Xiamen by the end of the current year. Of course, this is something related to passenger cars at the moment. However, it is a significant step forward towards the development of quite a promising technology for electric mobility, so far mentioned by a few truck manufacturers, especially in the Far East.

The battery swapping system implemented by CATL

CATL’s battery swapping system is called EVOGO and was developed by CATL subsidiary CAES (Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology). According to the manufacturer, the EVOGO battery swap solution will enable EV consumers to bid farewell to the inconvenience of refueling, and allows consumers with no charging parking spaces to enjoy the fun of EV driving as well.

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Lightning eMotors EVs to rely on CATL battery systems. Partnership announced

CATL battery products will be available to Lightning in two pack options – a 30 kWh battery and 35 kWh battery – for a total of more than 175 megawatt-hours of battery capacity. Additionally, Lightning eMotors is working with CATL and CSI to design and install contactor safety switch systems on CATL…

At present, the special offer for renting one Choco-SEB block is 399 yuan (around 58 euros) per month, which will be dynamically adjusted according to different level of power consumption by users. For each battery swap service at the swap station, the charge is almost the same as that of the fast charging service, and it is subject to dynamic adjustment according to different station locations and time slots. CATL’s EVOGO battery swap solution will provide more EV users with access to a convenient refueling experience.


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