German companies BMZ and Batemo will soon start a cooperation in the field of batteries. More into details, Batemo will support lithium-ion battery manufacturer BMZ in the distribution of the so-called round cells of the TerraE brand. The latter was included in BMZ’s portfolio a few years ago. Indeed, BMZ and Batemo have been collaborating for quite a long time: Batemo was founded in 2017 and and specializes in battery cell analysis. As part of the cooperation, BMZ will complement its portfolio with comprehensive cell measurement data packages, detailed cell analysis reports and simulation solutions from Batemo.

The cooperation between BMZ and Batemo on batteries

The measurement data, reports and simulation models that Batemo creates and sells are essential for the work of development departments in battery manufacturing. The information and simulations provided by Batemo accelerate the development work, as data is immediately available that would otherwise only be determined in costly and lengthy tests by the battery builders. The measurement data packages (Batemo Cell Data) provide extensive data series on various cell types under a wide range of loads and environmental conditions.

Based on the information gained during the creation of cell data sheets and cell reports, BMZ now also offers its customers sophisticated simulation models by adding Batemo software products to its product range. These model the electrochemical, thermal and physical effects occurring in the cells and have already been parameterized and globally validated by Batemo for the cells of the BMZ Group. 

bmz Batemo batteries

The official statements

BMZ CEO and Founder Sven Bauer commented: «We look back with gratitude on many years of intensive, trustful and multifaceted cooperation with Batemo in various areas – from research projects to product development – characterized by immense technical depth. Accordingly, we are very much looking forward to join forces in sales as well in the future».

Batemo Managing Director Jan Richter added: «As one of Europe’s leading system providers and specialists for intelligent storage solutions, BMZ is the perfect partner for us. BMZ’s extensive expertise in the field of pack development coupled with Batemo’s simulation competence opens up completely new possibilities. Building on our long-standing and sustainable cooperation, we are very pleased to now jointly make the results available to the entire industry».


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