BorgWarner announced the acquisition of Rhombus Energy Solutions, a company headquartered in San Diego, California, offering V2G and Underwriters Laboratory-certified charging. Rhombus supplies its patented technology to EV OEMs, including Proterra, and charging and grid service providers.

“As a supplier to the automotive and commercial vehicle markets, we are not only delivering innovative technology for electric drivetrains, but we are also focused on supporting certain key elements of the infrastructure for electric mobility, including charging”, commented Frédéric Lissalde, President and CEO of BorgWarner.

Iperion-120 charging stations from BorgWarner in Italy

Talking about charging systems, the U.S.-based technology group installed its new fast-charging station, Iperion-120, in Italy, by means of service provider Route220. The charging systems are ready to support drivers of electric vehicles on their journeys in the European country.

Featuring an output voltage up to 900 volts, the solution is prepared for 800 volt BEVs and also for the power requirements of future generation batteries. Other benefits include a customizable and highly intuitive user interface, easy access, extra user safety as well as smart load management to optimize the charge when a second vehicle is also in need. Besides, the Iperion-120 boasts an above average lifetime of more than 10 years and can be deployed in diverse surroundings, even under harsh conditions including temperatures between -30° C and 50° C and up to 4,000 m altitude.


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