U.S.-based group BorgWarner has just unveiled its new logo, marking the company’s progress in eMobility. “Future-focused and dynamic”, according to the definition provided by BorgWarner itself, the logo has changed for the very first time in over 30 years.

BorgWarner: the new logo represents the Charging Forward strategy

Taking a little step back in time, let’s remind that BorgWarner announced its Charging Forward strategy in March 2021 and has made significant progress in achieving its targets. The company is on track to have at least 25% of its revenues from battery electric vehicles (EV) by 2025. Additionally, EV-focused M&A is tracking ahead of plan with the five acquisitions the company has made in the battery pack, e-motor, power electronics, and direct current fast charging spaces. With the spin-off of PHINIA expected to be completed in Q3 of this year, BorgWarner will have met its objectives with respect to optimizing its combustion portfolio.

“Now is the right time to introduce our new logo. It signifies the tremendous progress our team has made in transforming BorgWarner from a leader in conventional propulsion technologies to a leader in mobility, including eMobility,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and Chief Executive Officer, BorgWarner.


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