Carl-Magnus Norden was one of the founders of the well-known Volta Trucks project. Following the bankruptcy of the e-truck company, Norden did not take part in the new course, currently on the market with a more agile and reduced workforce, and focused only on given European markets. Indeed, he is among the founders of a brand-new company, called Decade Energy, focused on e-trucks, but with quite a different mission.

With main headquarters in Paris, Decade Energy is promoting a platform aimed at supporting companies willing to electrify their fleets. Carl-Magnus Norden was joined by Casper Norden, Alexandre Cleret, Alejandro Ortega Peniche and Mariela Atanasova, also involved in the Volta Trucks project until the end of last year.

Decade Energy: what’s the new company doing (and where)

Decade Energy addresses to fleets who need support when it comes to connect their infrastructure to the grid, as well as equip their depots with suitable charging infrastructure. The conseling activity also concerns the analysis of the routes taken by trucks, as well as light commercial vehicles, so to find the best solution for each single customer.

France, Germany and Sweden are the very first market where Decade will operate. Of course, the services offered by the new company are addressed to electric vehicles from all brands, including the ‘new’ Volta Trucks models.


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