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Scania to launch new venture capital fund

Following its successful predecessor, Scania Growth Capital II "will continue the focus on the most attractive companies and entrepreneurs in the B2B tech space", according to the Swedish group.

Scottish Munro Vehicles’ electric 4×4 to be unveiled early in December

Designed and built in Britain, the Munro will be the first vehicle to enter volume production in Scotland in more than four decades. The e-vehicles is addressed to numerous sectors including construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, mountain rescue, remote infrastructure maintenance, and leisure


Cummins brings the power of choice to trucking

The USA-headquartered power systems manufacturer is working hard to shape the future of powertrain technology, with the broadest range of options. The company's intense participation in IAA Transportation in September allowed us to better understand what they have in mind. A broad and diverse portfo...


Nikola has acquired electrification specialist Romeo Power

In the meantime, a few days ago Nikola founder and former CEO, Trevor Milton, was found guilty of three out of four counts of fraud in the U.S. Milton was charged with making fraudulent statements to drive up the value of Nikola’s stock.

Gustav Sundell is the new Head of Mobility Solutions at Scania

Mobility Solutions, which includes the wholly-owned subsidiary LOTS Group, is a unit that was formed in the spring of 2021 with the purpose to capture market opportunities in the future transport ecosystem. The unit is driving the development of new business models outside the current core business.

Ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean: Quantron to expand to North America

Quantron wants to achieve 50% of its turnover in the North American market by 2025, as the demand for hydrogen-powered vehicles especially in the U.S. is defined as "strong". Indeed, the Biden-Harris Administration has annnounced a $8 billion funding opportunity to create regional clean hydrogen hub...
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