CMB.TECH has just launched the first dual fuel truck running on hydrogen. According to the Belgian company, the Lenoir truck (this is the name chosen for the vehicle) is the kickstart of emission reduction within the logistics sector. 

The dual fuel technology is feasible, affordable and green and allows for the conversion of different applications in the short term. The hydrogen truck has been given the symbolic name ‘Lenoir’ with the reference to Étienne Lenoir, a French-speaking Belgian who in 1860 built the first internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen.

CMB.TECH beyond the dual fuel truck: green hydrogen now available in Antwerp

CMB.TECH has also opened its first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in Antwerp. It is supposed to be the first refuelling station in the world that produces green hydrogen, which will be used to powerships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses.

dual fuel truck hydrogen
A frame of the inauguration ceremony in Antwerp

The station is built at the Port House in Antwerp and allows CMB.TECH to prove its ability to control the entire chain, from the production of the green fuel to the use of hydrogen in various applications. 

Back in 2007, CMB.TECH launched the Hydroville, the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger ship. Until now, the Hydroville has been supplied with hydrogen by a tube trailer (mobile hydrogen refuelling station). From now on the Hydroville, in addition to the other hydrogen applications of CMB.TECH, will be able to refuel in Antwerp.

Counting on electrolysis

More into details, electricity and water are converted into hydrogen via the electrolyser. Via a compressor, this hydrogen is pumped to a very high pressure into different buffers. These buffers ensure that a car, truck or ship can refuel. In addition to the refuelling station, the site also contains two trailer docks through which the ecologically produced hydrogen can be pumped to trailers which can supply the port applications developed by CMB.TECH with hydrogen

Some ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars are also present. There, cars can be charged in less than 15 minutes.


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