At the last edition of the Nordic EV Summit, held last week in Oslo, Polish manufacturer Ekoenergetyka launched the innovative AXON Side 360 DLBS intelligent power unit, to be combined with up to six SAT400 satellite units in order to create multi-station charging hubs.

The system is featured by a dynamic load balancing system that distributes power efficiently among the vehicles plugged into the satellites. The latter features a proprietary cable management system to improve customer experience.

Ekoenergetyka multi-station charging system: CPOs are in the spotlight

According to Ekoenergetyka, the system aims to address the needs of CPOs that are bringing charging systems into tighter urban spaces, pursuing an investment model that emphasizes fast charging time and efficient power consumption with minimal loss. Ekoenergetyka’s new offering for Nordic CPOs follows its February announcement of a contract to provide up to 140 chargers to Sweden’s Nobina, the largest Scandinavian public transportation operator.

“The Nordic countries are a demanding, competitive market, so we devoted a lot of time and resources to finding out what charge point operators need, and making sure we deliver it,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO Bartosz Kubik. “If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere, so we’re confident that these new products will give us an edge in other regions as well.”


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