Wennstrom will offer Ekoenergetyka DC charging systems in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, where its more than 300 employees provide advisory and installation services for EVs used by businesses and individuals, including commercial fleets.

Indeed, Ekoenergetyka is broadening and deepening its pan-European sales network to deliver equipment for charging point operators and provide post-sales service, announcing major distribution agreements for Germany and the UK in September. The manufacturer is bulking up its offering of standardized solutions, after building its business with customized infrastructure for public transit operators in cities such as Berlin and Paris.

Statement from Ekoenergetyka CEO Bartosz Kubik

“Drivers in the Nordic countries may be the world’s most enthusiastic buyers of electric vehicles, so we simply have to be present on these markets,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO and Co-Founder Bartosz Kubik. “With a partner like Wennstrom, a company with more than 100 years of tradition behind it, we’ll be able to deliver charging stations to help meet this surging demand, and we’re confident that we’ll also be able to provide world-class post-sales service.”


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