Electrify America and NFI Industries will join forces in view of the nation’s single largest charging infrastructure project to support heavy-duty electric trucks. More into details, 34 ultra-fast DC chargers are expected to be completed by December 2023. Electrify America is the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S., with $2 billion investments over 10 years in charging infrastructure, education and access. NFI Industries is a North American supply chain solutions provider with a dedicated fleet of over 4,500 tractors and 12,500 trailers operated by 3,900 company drivers.

Within the project, NFI will deploy 60 battery-electric drayage trucks, becoming the first 100% zero-emission fleet operator and truck shop in California. The Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative, or ‘JETSI’ project, will help fund 50 of the trucks, with 10 additional Volvo VNR Electrics funded by Volvo Trucks North America and SWITCH-ON.

Co-located distributed energy sources

The charging infrastructure to support this fleet will be installed at NFI’s Ontario, Californian facility, and feature 150 kW and 350 kW ultra-fast chargers. The chargers will serve NFI’s growing fleet of battery-electric freight trucks used for drayage at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, picking up containers from the ports and transporting them back to the Ontario facility. To bolster resiliency, leverage renewable electricity and reduce ongoing costs, multiple megawatts of distributed energy resources will be co-located with the charging infrastructure, including both solar photovoltaic and energy storage.

Statements from Electrify America and NFI Industries

«Electrify America is constantly embarking on innovative initiatives to drive the EV industry forward, and this milestone project is the latest example of the company’s leadership in thinking bigger and bolder about the future of mobility», said Rachel Moses, Director of Commercial Services, Business Development & Green Cities at Electrify America. «We are delighted to collaborate with NFI and look forward to installing a first-of-its-kind commercial charging facility to power this fleet of electric freight trucks».

«As NFI continues to spearhead supply chain sustainability and minimize the industry’s environmental impact, many elements need to align to ensure we continue making progress», said Bill Bliem, Senior Vice President of Fleet Services at NFI. «Throughout our experience, we’ve learned that having the right partners, technology, and access to safe, reliable and fast-charging infrastructure are essential to the successful implementation of EVs».


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