ABB E-Mobility has delivered more then one million EV chargers so far. The company managed to overcome such a significant milestone considering the company’s AC and DC charging portfolio. The launch of ABB E-mobility’s new 16,000 square meters production facility in Valdarno, Italy in 2022, completed a doubling of the company’s production capacity over the last two years.

The cutting-edge manufacturing site allows ABB E-Mobility to produce one DC fast charger every 20 minutes thanks to its seven production lines and enabling the company to continue the growth it has enjoyed in recent years. In addition to its Valdarno facility, ABB E-mobility has continued its expansion globally. Earlier this month the company announced the commencement of manufacturing at its new production facility in the United States – set to produce up to 10,000 chargers annually for public charging, school busses and fleets.

ABB E-Mobility, quite a long tradition in EV chargers

“From the production of the EU’s first 50 kW charger in 2010 to the launch of the Terra 360, which is capable of delivering 100 km of range in less than three minutes, ABB E-mobility has long sought to develop the innovations necessary to create an emission-free mobility future”, commented ABB E-mobility CEO, Frank Mühlon. “While our continual investment in research and development shows our ongoing commitment to enhance the field of e-mobility, it is the global delivery of these solutions at scale which is integral to the realization of our goals. I would like to thank our customers globally for their continued collaboration in hitting this one millionth charger milestone. I look forward to the millions yet to come, and to the cleaner, greener world they will help create.”


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