Rightcharge, all-in-one charge point and EV-friendly energy tariff comparison service active in the UK, has raised 700,000 pounds (about 822,000 euros) in order to help accelerate the adoption of smart electric vehicle charging in the UK. Rightcharge intends to unlock the benefits of smart charging for EV drivers by helping them find the right charge point and energy tariff for their home or business charging needs. It does this via its transparent, easy to use comparison tools that let users review different EV-friendly energy tariffs, home EV chargers and installation prices from a network of over 50 vetted companies.

Rightcharge and the efforts for cleaner transportation in the UK

As a matter of fact, the UK government has pledged to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 and new hybrids by 2035 to help cut the transport sector’s carbon emissions – and it is estimated 10 million people will make the switch over the next decade. However, a lack of clear information means drivers are missing the opportunity to switch to smart energy tariffs and install charge points that automatically schedule charging for when it is cheapest and most sustainable. By using an EV-friendly energy tariff and smart charger combination, EV drivers can make substantial savings, reduce their carbon emissions by 25% and help the UK’s electricity networks avoid billions of pounds of re-enforcement to the grid.

«We want to empower the everyday person to choose electric by making EV charging easier, cleaner, cheaper and more accessible», said Charlie Cook, founder of Rightcharge. «To date we’ve helped over 10,000 drivers to find their installer or energy supplier but we’re just scratching the surface. Around 10-15 million more drivers will go electric by 2030 in the UK alone and the new investment means we are ready to support all automotive retailers who are looking for a charging partner that can deliver industry-leading customer experience».


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