On the road to full connectivity. The launch of the IVECO Driver Pal feature was maybe the core of the digital event held by IVECO on June 1. The glorious Daily van and the powerful S-Way were the models on stage, now also enriched with some new functionalities as well as some updates in terms of engines, powertrain and driver comfort. With an eye on reduced fuel consumption.

However, let’s start with what’s new in terms of connectivity, the Driver Pal feature, made possible by the collaboration with Amazon Web Services and relying on machine learning algorithms. «The solution provides drivers with a helpful voice artificial intelligence experience on the road, enabling them to bring their digital life on board and interact with their truck through voice commands», stated Iveco. «IVECO Driver Pal is designed to help the driver optimise their route and stops, adapting to events on the way by relying on real-time information from the IVECO driver community, IVECO support services and the web. This enables them to conduct secondary tasks while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road».

IVECO Driver Pal

«The IVECO Driver Pal is an ideal traveling companion»

Asked about the difference between such system and voice control systems developed by the competitors, IVECO’s top management stressed the collaboration with Alexa and Amazon, the possibility to get information about the technical health of the vehicle and the connection with the IVECO community.

The MYIVECO skill enables drivers to interact with the vehicle in an entirely new way. They can use vocal commands to manage their journey and plan their route. They can also check their Driver Style Evaluation score and ask for tips to drive more safely and efficiently. The second skill, MYCOMMUNITY, allows the users to be part of a driver community, exchanging voice messages with other drivers and searching for messages along their route or in the area near their destination, for example, or rather listening to information about traffic conditions or queues at border controls. The latter feature will be open to all drivers, not only the IVECO ones.

«The IVECO Driver Pal is an ideal traveling companion and the future of transport. A turning point in the industry, marking the transition from manual to vocal control. Life on board is actually much more relaxed», summarized Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President, welcoming the guests of the digital event.

IVECO S-Way: new smart auxiliaries for CNG and LNG versions

Connectivity is the watchword indeed when talking about the IVECO S-Way, ideal for long-haul missions and launched back in 2019. Apparently, sales have exceeded expectations and nearly 4 out of 5 customers have subscribed for the full telematic services.

As for the engines, the market-leading LNG and CNG models, today accounting for more than a quarter units sold, now feature new smart auxiliaries, such as the clutch compressor and variable-flow steering pump, which further increase their fuel efficiency. Two new power ratings, 490 hp and 530 hp, have been announced for the Cursor 13 range, improving efficiency and ensuring fuel consumption reduction up to 3 percent. 

The world is moving fast, and the world of transport must not only keep up, but anticipate and drive the change. IVECO is doing exactly that

Thomas Hilse, IVECO Brand President

The iconic Daily van enhanced with additional connectivity features

«Every Daily generation has set new standards, and this has made of Daily ‘a Brand within the IVECO Brand’ with enduring success. It is true to its sustainability vocation, being the point of reference in alternative-fuel LCVs. The New Daily enters the LCV market in a year where it is expected to rise to the highest level in history ». These words were spoken by Davide Diana, IVECO Light Business Line Director, introducing the iconic Daily enhanced with additional connectivity features included in the Driving Pal package, with the need for connectivity issues made even clearer by the legacy of the pandemic for the requirements of the last-mile delivery.

IVECO Driver Pal

Some of the new features of the Daily include the AIR-PRO intelligent suspension, a new 6-speed manual transmission enabling a torque increase of up to 15 percent as well as a double SCR after-treatment system entirely redesigned to occupy the same spaces as in the previous models.


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