Kässbohrer and Polish company Erontrans have established a newpartnership. Recently, the company added 45 K.SCS M Mega Curtainsider vehicles to its fleet for environmentally friendly intermodal transportation. Kässbohrer, through its high-quality Curtainsider vehicles, is supporting indeed some valuable customers like Erontrans during environmentally-friendly intermodal transportation and contribute to C02 decrease. Erontrans relies on extensive network of terminals and partners located throughout Poland and Europe, as well as a global network of ocean and air freight agents.

Conceived for intermodal operations, Kässbohrer’s Curtainsider vehicles are equipped with 4×2 ferry rings and are offered with patented K-Fix Load Security System that has 118 holes per side rave which increases load lashing varieties and is suitable for Code XL Certification.

Statements from Erontrans and Kässbohrer

«Erontrans is a 3 PL operator with an extensive intermodal transport offer, as well as one of the largest in Poland, and we are proud to implement a project co-financed by the Infrastructure and Environment Programme 2014-2020 to contribute to the development of environmentally friendly intermodal transport», said Marek Eron, Managing Director of Erontrans. «By adding 45 Kässbohrer Curtainsider vehicles into our fleet, we would be able to adapt the latest technologies into our operations to protect the natural environment».

Potrebbe interessarti

Kässbohrer Polska Country Manager Jakub Dolaniecki stated: «As Kässbohrer, we are offering the complete intermodal product range that includes robust Curtainsider vehicles, container chassis vehicles including Trailer Innovation 2019 category “Chassis” winner multifunctional container chassis K.SHG AVMH, silo containers available in 20, 30 and 40 ft and Swap Bodies including the first and only Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC».


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