Finnish charging system manufacturer Kempower brought the newly-developed megawatt charging system (MCS) at ACT Expo, Las Vegas. “We believe that the truck market is the next frontier in the DC fast-charging space; our MCS solutions fills the need to charge heavy trucks quickly and reliably,” said Tomi Ristimäki, CEO Kempower.

“We believe that those of us who today develop the future of sustainable mobility in line with decarbonization goals will have competitive advantages in the EV charging space in the mid and long term. With MCS, we position ourselves as a leading player in the transition to heavy-duty electric mobility, which is beneficial for the environment and for the quality of life of drivers, who, by driving electric trucks, eliminate noise and vibration from their daily working lives. MCS is contributing to the challenges of tomorrow, today“.

Kempower’s megawatt charging system

Kempower MCS aims to transform heavy-duty transport. The system key features include charging at +1,500 A and up to 1.2 MW of peak power; the Kempower Mega Satellite, with an MCS and high-power CCS. Furthermore, unused power from the MCS can be dynamically distributed among several high-power CCS2 outputs within the same system. 

Also, customers with Kempower’s latest technology can upgrade their existing systems to MCS by combining two 600 kW Kempower Power Units. “This year’s ACT event provided us with an incredible opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders, forge partnerships, and showcase our leadership in sustainable energy innovation. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with fellow visionaries and drive meaningful change together”, added Jed Routh, VP of Markets and Products, North America Kempower.


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