MAN Truck & Bus has announced huge investment aimed at expanding and improving sustainability of its production plant in Krakow, Poland. «The expansion of the Krakow plant is a further milestone in our transformation», said newly-appointed CEO Alexander Vlaskamp. The foreseen investment is about 130 million euro worth and is supposed to enable some 300 vehicles and cabs to roll off the production line with employees working in three shifts, according to the manufacturer, which belongs to the TRATON GROUP.

MAN aims to create a very flexible site in Krakow

«The expansion of the plant is a key building block in our transformation. Our changes to the production network will make us significantly more competitive in these challenging times. In Krakow, we are creating an extremely flexible and variable site, which will allow us to manufacture everything from our light to heavy goods vehicle ranges on one production line», added MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp. After the expansion, Krakow will employ around three times more staff than before, creating some 1,500 extra jobs at the Polish site

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This expansion work will see the construction of a new 26,000 square meters hall for cab production and another 10,000 square meters hall for the Truck Modification Center. This will enable MAN to offer the entire truck range with maximum quality in Krakow and the main plant in Munich, where space will be used for mixed production of conventional and electric trucks.


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