The year 2023 was an extremely good one for MAN Truck & Bus, although following quite a challenging 2022, low in terms of deliveries and sales due to the well-known supply chain issues. Last year, the Lion managed increase sales revenue by 31% to € 14.8 billion and sale 116,000 vehicles (trucks, buses, vans), +37% compared to 2022. Adjusted operating return on sales increased to 7.3%.

MAN Truck & Bus: +44% only for truck sales in 2023

Referring only to trucks, MAN managed to sell over 83,000 units, +44% compared to 2022. MAN TGE vans increased by 23% to 26,627 vehicles. The current year will be quite a crucial one for the Lion’s first electric trucks on the market, with over 700 orders received so far and the first deliveries awaited by the end of the year. For this reason, MAN is actively transforming its production plants towards e-mobility, as well as working on the construction of the battery assembly facility in Nuremberg.

man truck & bus

These are the words spoken by newly-reconfirmed CEO Alexander Vlaskamp: “MAN has achieved an impressive turnaround in 2023, of which we can be very proud. We have managed to achieve a historically good result and return MAN to its former strength. A solid financial foundation is the basis for our transformation towards climate-neutral mobility. To continue on this course, we will significantly expand our product portfolio with zero-emission technologies in 2024 and further intensify cooperation within the TRATON GROUP”.

MAN CEO Vlaskamp: “We head towards a difficult year”

“We are also entering the current year with a high order backlog. However, the economic conditions in our core European markets are becoming increasingly gloomy and the market environment is becoming more difficult. While our bus business should continue to recover, demand for trucks is declining significantly. Our van and service business should remain stable”, he added.

MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp

Talking about production, the Munich site is working flat out to prepare for the production of the e-truck, while the plant in Nuremberg will be celebrating the topping-out ceremony for the construction of the battery factory this year. In Salzgitter, MAN is currently expanding its global logistics center to meet the requirements of e-mobility, and construction of the product development center in Ankara is making good progress.


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