Nissan conducted a comprehensive survey based on e-mobility and the possibility to buy an electric car, asking about the driving habits and experience of electric vehicle customers. The results show the good reasons to switch to an electric vehicle, dispelling false myths that are the main resistance to switching. The survey involved a sample of 7000 drivers across Europe, 50% of whom own an electric vehicle and the remaining 50% have a car with a combustion engine. When asked if they would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car, 70% of European drivers said yes, mainly because of the environmental benefits of a zero emission vehicle (49%).

Buying an electric is the right decision for 90% of interviewees

89% of EV customers are satisfied e-mobility users, and convinced that switching to an electric car was the right decision. 74% felt more relaxed behind the wheel, while 77% said it was a smoother ride than an internal combustion engine vehicle.

97% of those who drive an electric vehicle said that the switch to electric mobility met their expectations or was easier than expected. 70% admitted that the range of their EV exceeded their pre-purchase expectations, disproving the false myth of limited range still held by 58% of ICE owners.

European drivers ready for e-mobility

«This new research confirms that European drivers are well disposed towards electric mobility and continue to evaluate its potential. For our part, we are constantly striving to demonstrate the benefits of electric mobility and how easy the transition is», said Helen Perry, Head of Electric Passenger Cars & Infrastructure, Nissan Europe.

«Low running costs, brilliant performance, smooth and quiet driving, electric cars have transformed the everyday driving experience for the better». Sustainability resonates with everyone, with around 85% of all drivers surveyed valuing environmental care. The survey describes electric driving as extremely enjoyable: 89% of EV owners are satisfied with the experience, 78%1 are impressed beyond expectations. The technological content of an electric vehicle plays a very important role, so much so that it was the reason for purchase for 34% of EV owners and is the reason for a possible switch to electric mobility for 31% of those who still drive a car with a combustion engine today.

Nissan survey: an electric car is good for climate and for pockets

Research has shown that almost half (49%) of conventionally powered car owners are considering switching to an electric vehicle for its greater environmental sustainability, the same reason that motivated 40% of those who already own an electric vehicle. For 33% of EV owners, the ‘zero-emission’ nature of electric vehicles was a determining factor, a choice that has prevented the emission of more than 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 over the past decade thanks to Nissan LEAF owners worldwide. To further demonstrate its commitment to tackling climate challenges, Nissan recently unveiled its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. In Europe, half of the vehicles sold will be electrified by the end of 2024 and renewable energy production at the Sunderland plant will be 20% of its energy needs, enough to produce every single Nissan LEAF sold in Europe carbon neutral.

The prospect of low running costs appeals to the 31% of ICE vehicle owners who are considering switching to an electric model. Reassuringly, EV drivers have confirmed that EVs have lower than expected running costs, with 83% saying that they are more economical. To help drivers, Nissan has developed a new online fuel economy calculator to help them calculate the actual cost benefit of a Nissan LEAF over time. By selecting the powertrain type and the price of fuel and electricity, the program allows the driver to simulate the potential savings of switching to an all-electric vehicle.


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