Following the interesting collaboration with the IAAD Turin celebrated at last year’s Q-Days in Augsburg, Quantron has decided to establish its Quantron Design Award, aimed at rewarding the most innovative designers of hydrogen trucks.

“World class universities with focus on Europe are invited to participate with their bachelor’s or master’s students of Automotive Design, Transportation & Mobility Design, Industrial Design or similar. These include IAAD, AFAD, Polimi, Pforzheim, Art Center College of Design, CCS, Coventry University, Carleton University, Hochschule Reutlingen, STARTE, Creapole, Hochschule München, IED, SPD, Umea University, FH Salzburg, OCAD etc.”, specified Quantron in a press release.

quantron design award

Quantron Design Award: the tasks for the students

The task for the students is to create a concept for a futuristic truck powered by hydrogen, for the European market realising long haul transportation with zero emissions. Requested is a modular solution having both driver cabin available and full autonomous capabilities without the traditional cabin. Aerodynamics and efficiency should be playing a strong role. Due to the shortage of the drivers worldwide and higher work/life balance in the future the drivers should be able to drive various trucks using the same controlling station based at home or at QUANTRON’s remote driving hubs.

quantron design award

The handover of the design award for the most innovative and sustainable fuel cell truck will be executed during Q-Days Sustainability Night in March 2024 together with a special prize opportunity. The top 3 winning teams will be granted a monetary stipend while having continuous visibility through various social media platforms. In this project, Quantron is supported by Vizcom and Gravity Sketch.

Here’s more information about the Quantron Design Award.


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