Not far from the company’s headquarters, located in Augsburg (we were there, slightly over one year ago, for the Q-Days 2023), Quantron has recently played a role in a new truck compatible hydrogen refueling station at the Augsburg freight & logistics center (GVZ), inaugurated on June 17. The project was brough forward by the local company Tyczka Hydrogen.

To be more precise, the hydrogen refueling station is located in the heart of the freight & logistics center (GVZ) in Gersthofen near Augsburg, quite an important hub for freight transport. It offers companies ideal conditions for combining ecological responsibility and economic efficiency. Quantron HQs are indeed within the GVZ.

quantron hydrogen

A Quantron truck to inaugurate Augsburg’s hydrogen refueling station

The cooperation between Tyczka Hydrogen and Quantron began long before the opening, as they exchanged technical details and processes for refueling heavy commercial vehicles. While fuel cell cars fill up with relatively small quantities of H2 (5-6 kg), a heavy QUANTRON truck can carry up to 54 kg of hydrogen (at 700 bar). These significantly larger refueling quantities must be backed by reliable technology in order to guarantee a safe and seamless refueling process. Consequently, a QUANTRON truck was also the first heavy commercial vehicle to refuel at this hydrogen filling station

The filling station offers green hydrogen at pressure levels of 350 and 700 bar, suitable for cars, trucks and buses. Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis from water using renewable electricity. In its current stage, the station can provide around 500 kg of hydrogen per day, which can be enough to refuel 10-15 heavy commercial vehicles. 

Statements from Tzycka Hydrogen and Quantron

“The new hydrogen filling station is an important signal for the entire industry and a milestone for our joint efforts in sustainable mobility,” explained Thomas Zorn, Managing Director of Tyczka Hydrogen GmbH. “Our aim is to support the introduction and market ramp-up of climate-friendly commercial vehicles and increase the attractiveness of the GVZ Augsburg site for logistics companies.” Hydrogen is gaining momentum in mobility. Tyczka has recognized this potential and is an important partner for QUANTRON.

“The cooperation with Tyczka is exemplary, because they understand the special requirements of a heavy truck when refueling with hydrogen. Together, we are laying the foundations for the switch to climate-friendly commercial vehicles in the Augsburg area,” added René Wollmann, CTO of Quantron AG.


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