Advanced component specialist Schaeffler will exhibit at ACT Expo 2024 in Las Vegas with a broad range of products for cleaner powertrains, including its electric beam axle, medium-duty truck demonstrator, fuel cell stacks, all-solid-state batteries, and electric motors. The company’s focus on the medium and heavy-duty sector at this event underscores its transformative growth in the Americas, reaffirming their commitment to tackling present challenges and preparing for future opportunities.

“As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of motion technology, Schaeffler remains steadfast in our commitment to driving innovation and sustainability,” said Rashid Farahati, Schaeffler Director of the Corporate Competency Center Americas. “Our participation in ACT Expo 2024 reflects our dedication to pioneering solutions that address current challenges, shapes the future of motion in commercial vehicles, and paves the way for a greener future.”

The main products at Schaeffler’s booth, ACT Expo 2024

In particular, Schaeffler will showcase its latest generation of all-solid-state batteries (ASSB) as well as hydrogen fuel cell technologies that address industry needs related to power density, range and commercial options. The all-solid-state batteries offer higher energy density, extended range, fast-charging options, and important safety advantages due to their non-flammable nature.

On the other hand, Schaeffler’s eRocker System is an electromechanical valve system used to deactivate the exhaust valves of the engine. The system consists of three main components: a dual-pin electromagnetic actuator; two slider bars; and either eight (4-cylinder) or 12 (six-cylinder) switchable roller finger followers.

Finally, Schaeffler bearings are specifically designed to meet high load and lifetime requirements as well as low-rolling resistance for increased range and reduced fuel consumption. Utilizing the company’s bearings solutions, truck operators can achieve a significant reduction in TCO (total cost of ownership). The company will feature a variety of bearing designs from its wide product portfolio, including accessory units and special applications for commercial vehicles.


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