Schmitz Cargobull S.KOe box trailer with electric transport refrigeration unit and generator axle was successfully tested in the Netherlands by representatives of the rental company TIP, the logistics service provider Cornelissen and the supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

«We chose this vehicle because most of our transport takes place in inner-city distribution traffic and we also serve routes between different distribution centres», declared Peter Leegstraten, Transport Manager Expertise at Albert Heijn. «In many Dutch cities, distribution transport is characterised by Zero Emission Zones in the inner cities which will be active from 2025 on. Schmitz Cargobull offers a solution with its all-electric S.KOe refrigerated box, so that we can continue to drive into the inner cities without any problems with the electric refrigerator, in combination with a zero-emission tractor unit».

Schmitz Cargobull all-electric prototype

«The issue of sustainability is at the forefront for us. We are therefore very excited about the results that the distribution trips will give us. Our driver was made aware of the special features of the vehicle during the pick-up and trained accordingly», added Marco Pikkemaat, Fleet Manager at Cornelissen Group.

The vehicle is a S.KOe COOL SMART with an electric axle and an electric refrigeration unit with integrated power electronics and battery system. The all-electric S.CUe refrigeration unit is designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the load. This is reflected in the cooling (up to 15,900 W) and heating capacity (9,100 W) without restriction. Instead of the diesel tank, batteries are installed on the support windmill for this purpose

The trailer axle recuperates energy during braking processes

Besides, the vehicle is equipped with an electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle which, among other things, recuperates energy during braking processes and thus reduces the recharging times of the battery via the power grid. On a vehicle without an electrified axle, the battery is not recharged during the journey. A vehicle with an electrified axle, however, already recharges the battery during the journey, so that recharging the battery via the mains at the distribution centre can either be omitted or at least minimized. Of course, this also shortens waiting times at the distribution centres. 

Thanks to the Schmitz Cargobull’s TrailerConnect telematics system integrated in the vehicle as standard, it is possible to monitor the battery’s state of charge, the remaining range and the remaining charging time via the telematics portal.


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