Siemens Smart Infrastructure has introduced an additional variant of its SICHARGE D electric vehicle fast charger, with a maximum output of 400 kW for IEC markets. Thanks to the SICHARGE D dispenser, charging up to four vehicles at the same time is possible with only one grid connection, optimizing charging times and delivering financial and space savings for Charge Point Operators (CPOs).

Siemens’ SiCharge D: stable power output of 400 kW at 40°C temperature

The new charging system developed by Siemens is ideally suited for different use cases like destination charging, public fast-charging or highway charging and can offer continuous, stable power output of 400 kW at 40°C ambient temperature. It features a multi-language touchscreen with an intuitive user interface and cable management at both the charger and the dispenser for easy cable handling, making charging as convenient as possible for EV drivers.

Markus Mildner, CEO eMobility, Siemens Smart Infrastructure said: “The broad adoption of eMobility is a necessity for a more sustainable future. Reduced charging times for both eCars and eTrucks, especially en-route, will play a pivotal role in increasing convenience and acceptance of this type of transportation. SICHARGE D is a great milestone in achieving this.”


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