Stena Recycling has just inaugurated its very first battery recycling facility for lithium-ion batteries in Europe. The plant is situated in south of Sweden. An advanced recycling process makes it possible to recycle 95 percent of an electric vehicle battery. Agreements are already in place with industry partners within both battery and vehicle production, securing a high recycling volume from the start.

The new battery recycling facility in Southern Sweden

The new plant has an initial yearly recycling capacity of 10,000 tons and will handle battery material collected and pre-treated in all Stena Recycling’s existing facilities and processes in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Norway, Germany and in Italy. 2021 Stena Recycling received SEK 70.7 million in funding from the Swedish Energy Agency towards building the new facility.

“Coming EU regulation, combined with the increasing electrification of vehicles and other products means that there will be huge pressure to find solutions to recycle vehicle batteries and create circular value chains. This investment will give Stena Recycling a key role in the process of electrifying the automotive industry,” commented Marcus Martinsson, Product Area Manager Batteries at Stena Recycling Group. “We are prepared to scale up our battery recycling capacity as the market grows. Within ten years we expect to handle at least five to ten times higher volume than what we can handle today”.


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