It’s going to be a sparkling end of the year with for sustainable trucks. The Sustainable Truck of the Year 2023 awards, the first and only European awards to reward vehicles for their sustainability features, will be assigned on December 22. The awarding ceremony will be broadcasted at 8 p.m. on Sustainable Truck&Van, and our social channels.

Sustainable Truck of the Year 2023: the categories

The seventh edition of the international award does not change its formula: three categories will be awarded again this year. The Van category for vehicles with up to 3.5 tons payload; Distribution for 2-axle or 3-axle vehicles up to 26 tons of GVW; finally, Tractor for ‘heavy’ road vehicles up to 44 tons. Three finalists for each category (more on this later), only one winner, i.e., the vehicle that can fully meet the 40 technical parameters divided into 6 macro areas considered by the jury. On the official Sustainable Truck of the Year website you can find all the useful information about the international award.

In the range of finalists for the Sustainable Truck of the Year 2023, as many as 6 of the 9 nominees are full electric vehicles. The Van and Distribution categories, in fact, are now represented only by zero-emission vehicles, which are not – and this is a key point in the STY regulations – simple prototypes, but rather vehicles that are already available on the market, therefore immediately purchasable.

The three finalists in the Tractor category

On the other hand, the finalists in the Tractor category do not include a single vehicle with alternative traction. While a few electric road tractors have been seen, none so far has shown up with the stigmata of long distance. Here are the finalists of this year’s Tractor category: in strict alphabetical order, DAF XG plus 480; Renault Trucks 480 Evo, and finally, the Scania 500 S ‘Super’.

Electric leads the way: Distribution and Van

The Sustainable Truck of the Year award in the Distribution category will be one of the following: MAN eTGM, which promises a range capable of 200 kilometers on a charge and uncompromising equipment. Powering the electric motor are as many as 12 185 kWh battery packs. Mercedes-Benz placed its eActros, the first mass-produced electric from the German manufacturer: in the version with 4 battery packs and battery capacity of about 400 kWh, the electric truck is capable of traveling up to 400 kilometers under certain conditions. Completing the shortlist is Volvo FL Electric, an extremely agile vehicle, and also safe, comfortable and efficient, with the possibility of fast charging in about two hours.

Among light commercial vehicles (Van category) this year’s language is also electric. Ford E-Transit boasts a range of 300 km combined with the traditional strengths of a best-selling van. Autonomy and cargo volume are two of the strengths of a van that can certainly have its say even in the most challenging markets, made-in-China Maxus eDeliver 9. Finally, Opel is represented by the Vivaro-e van, available in three lengths and with a load capacity of up to 1,275 kg, for a range of up to 330 km.


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