U.S.-based company Torc Robotics, an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck, is about to open a technology and software development center in Stuttgart, Germany. The local team «will support the ongoing development of the Level 4 autonomous virtual driver for deployment in autonomous trucks in the United States».

Torc Europe GmbH is an independent entity and is a 100% subsidiary of Torc. Its office is located in Stuttgart’s district Untertuerkheim, in close proximity to an existing Daimler Truck R&D facility and not far from the Daimler Truck headquarter. Torc Europe is now hiring software engineers, data scientists, and architects in the areas of systems, safety, validation, and product development.

torc robotics

Torc Robotics and Daimler Truck

«Torc is working closely with Daimler Truck to optimize the entire product stack including the virtual driver, sensing and computer hardware, and the redundant chassis, to be the first company to launch a scalable and profitable self-driving product», said Torc Founder and CEO Michael Fleming. «Torc’s Stuttgart technology and software development center will leverage the deep automotive and trucking technical and product expertise to make this a reality».

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As a matter of fact, Torc and Daimler Truck are collaboratively pursuing a common goal of developing and bringing autonomous trucks for long-haul trucking to the roads within the decade. Torc and Daimler Truck, with its North American entity, are currently ramping up development and testing in the United States.


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