Disruptive electric vehicle designer and manufacturer Arrival has just announced a partnership with advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) specialist Ambarella in view of autonomous driving and ADAS features.

Arrival has selected the Ambarella CV2FS CVflow AI vision processor for the environmental perception module available for all types of Arrival vehicles, buses and vans in particular. Talking about Arrival vans, the company has recently announced a partnership with STMicroelectronics aimed at enhancing the vehicles with products and technology developed from the global electronics player.

Arrival believes in the ADAS features from Ambarella

The ADAS features will provide commercial sector vehicles with advanced safety and convenience-related driver assistance capabilities, including lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist (LKA), vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection, blind spot monitoring (BSM), traffic sign recognition (TSR) and traffic light recognition (TLR). 

«All of these capabilities are of paramount importance where commercial vehicles are operating in busy urban environments and driving a significantly higher mileage than consumer cars, enabling them to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. This platform enables the highest levels of autonomy without the need for hardware upgrades in the future», stated Arrival.  

We are excited to be partnering with Ambarella, whose CV2FS AI vision processor provides the required neural network processing performance, stereovision support and excellent image quality, all running at extremely low power

Sergey Malygin, EVP of Technology at Arrival

«Arrival has the potential to transform urban mobility»

The Ambarella CV2FS AI vision processor offers an open platform for differentiated, high-performance automotive systems and is designed to enable safety-critical applications. With CVflow AI processing and ASIL-B(D) compliance, CV2FS targets forward-facing monocular and stereo vision ADAS cameras, as well as computer vision ECUs for high levels of autonomy. 

«Arrival has the potential to transform urban mobility with its integrated transportation ecosystem that includes vehicles, digital tools and microfactories», said Fermi Wang, CEO of Ambarella. «Our AI-based vision processing is enabling Arrival to meet the ever-increasing performance and functional safety requirements for autonomous vehicles».  


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