During a dedicated event in Zielona Gora, Poland, Ekoenergetyka has inaugurated a brand-new charging system manufacturing line. The latter will allow Ekoenergetyka to double charging system production speed, thus meeting the high demand coming from the market. The new line can produce up to 50 chargers in each eight-hour shift, a figure that will rise to 90 units by beginning 2025.

The Polish company also plans to further automate the line next year, introducing industrial robots for certain elements of the production process. Ekoenergetyka is currently doubling sales year-on-year. This growth is part of the company’s strategic plan to enhance its production capabilities and meet rising demand. We’ll talk about it more in depth in the next issue of Sustainable Truck&Van magazine, to be released in September.


Ekoenergetyka in need of higher production speed in Poland

“This assembly line demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement as we respond to the changing needs of this growing market,” said Ekoenergetyka CEO Bartosz Kubik. “Our new facility is a key step in our transition away from bench assembly. It will improve efficiency by increasing speed, reducing the risk of errors and making it faster and cheaper to correct them when they do occur.”

As said, Ekoenergetyka plans to continue improving the new line, including by introducing a Manufacturing Execution System and an andon system, which detects quality and process problems. The new digital systems from industrial automation provider Raion will improve precision and quality.

Last year Ekoenergetyka announced contracts to supply charge point operators (CPOs), which provide services to individual drivers, including Portugal-based Powerdot, which offers more than 3,500 charging points; Ionity, owned by carmakers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai-Kia and Porsche; and PKN Orlen, Poland’s largest fuel retailer, which also operates in Czechia and Germany.


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