In view of the crucial issue of lifecycle battery optimization, the German specialist Twaice and global semiconductor company Analog Devices have announced a collaboration initially aimed at the car market, but with possible effects on other vehicle types. We’ve already mentioned Twaice when the company managed to raise funding addressed to expand core capabilities such as the analytics platform and fuel international expansion to target electric vehicle and energy companies.

The goal of the collaboration is to «provide a holistic lifecycle solution for automakers with integrated hardware and software. A complete end-to-end solution will be provided, with state-of-the-art battery measurements provided through a wireless battery management system. Analog Devices’ sensor technology provides data, and a quality of data previously unavailable. Twaice can generate crucial insights into the battery performance desired by car companies around the globe. Integrating the Analog Devices’ sensor and communication solutions creates an ideal data basis. The resulting forecasts enable qualified statements at any point in the battery’s life cycle regarding its value and usability».

Twaice for battery lifecycle optimization

«We have heavily invested in our battery analytics software to address the challenges in the battery lifecycle. Our solution portfolio is now leveraged in the development, operation and potential second use by leading players in the mobility and energy industry», said Twaice Co-CEO Michael Baumann.

«With the rapid acceleration toward electrification globally, we are now keen to grow in key markets. North America is the logical next step to become a true global player. Energize is the ideal partner with its impressive portfolio of energy and mobility companies and strong footprint in the United States», Twaice Co-CEO Stephan Rohr pointed out. Twaice is part of the European Battery Alliance.


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