Volker Ritzert will soon become the new CEO of BMZ Germany, part of BMZ Group, which is a global player in the development and production of cross-industry lithium-ion system solutions. In this role, Volker Ritzert replaces his predecessor Sven Bauer.

As Founder and Main Shareholder of the very fast-growing, globally positioned Group, Sven Bauer will in the future focus on steering the global fortunes of the entire corporate group as Group CEO. The reason for this step is “the exponential growth of the company both in terms of demand and with regard to the number of international subsidiaries and acquired companies along the vertical value chain of battery production”, as stated by BMZ.

BMZ Germany: statements from the people involved

“Current estimates predict annual growth of 30% for the global battery market until 2030. Our market monitoring already indicates that these estimates are still far too low. To take account of this development and our own already exponential growth, we are currently restructuring the Group by installing a permanent global management team in order to exploit synergies more intensively and to be able to manage the entire company globally”, said Sven Bauer.

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“The battery market is the central element of the infrastructure of the energy and transport turnaround, which are elementary for climate protection and thus cannot be postponed. As a structured, methodical strategist and at the same time a hands-on enabler, I am looking forward to responding to the current challenges with further advanced solutions together with the BMZ Team. I am therefore very happy to accept my new responsibility in one of the most important and high-potential markets”, added Volker Ritzert.


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