Bosch Hydrogen Powertrain Systems will start its new site construction in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, Western China. Bosch Powertrain Solutions China announced that after the construction will be completed, the functions like R&D, test, production and sales will be installed into the new site to shape it as the full function center and one of the most important projects of ‘Hydrogen Valley in Western China’ of Chongqing. The construction of the new site will support to make a further step forward to accelerate the application of hydrogen powertrain.

Bosch Hydrogen Powertrain Systems: the ongoing projects

By leveraging Bosch’s strengths on hydrogen powertrain development and production to cultivate innovative technologies based on market demand, the company aims to deliver customers economical, environmentally adaptable, safe and intelligent emission-free hydrogen powertrain solutions. In September, the trucks equipped with Bosch fuel cell power module completed their demonstration operation on ‘hydrogen corridor between Chongqing and Chengdu’, which is the first case for hydrogen vehicle completing artery logistics demonstration in China. Till now, over 70 sets of fuel cell power module have already produced and delivered to customers.

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To further boost the industrialization of hydrogen powertrains in China, Bosch started to plan the new site from middle of 2021, and till now has completed preparations including overall planning and design. The new site will cover a total area of approximately 360 mu, and the first phase, which consists of the R&D and test center, the production area and offices, will have a total space of about 99,900 square meters. It is expected to be delivered for use by end of May 2023.

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Hydrogen among the keys for carbon neutrality

“To achieve carbon neutrality, hydrogen will be an significant constituent of future powertrains”, said Wang Weiliang, the President of Bosch Powertrain Solutions China. “Bosch attaches great importance to the development of hydrogen powertrain technology and continues to invest for its localization. Based on government policies, as well as Bosch’s technical strengths and innovations in hydrogen powertrain systems, Bosch will contribute to establish the hydrogen ecosystem together with partners to boost the development of entire hydrogen powertrain industry chain”.


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