Brigade Electronics’ Sidescan Predict device is designed to help truck manufacturers and drivers face the challenges of blind spots. In fact, the sheer size of some heavy-duty trucks makes it impossible for drivers to have 360-degree visibility. According to the European Transport Safety Council, around 4,000 people lose their lives through HGV collisions in Europe every year – 1,000 of which are cyclists or pedestrians.

Sidescan Predict aims to reduce the number of false alarms drivers receive about the risk of a collision, meaning they can be confident in the accuracy of the warning. The system was in development for a few years and received 10,000 hours of research, before undertaking its first trials in 2020.


Ultrasonic object detection systems have helped drivers to become more aware of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. However, less innovative devices simply make HGV drivers aware of objects, not whether there is any danger of a collision. This means that alerts may sound at frequent intervals when there is no risk. As a consequence, drivers can become irritated by these false alerts and avoid using their indicators.

Brigade Electronics’ Sidescan Predict: a help from artificial intelligence

Utilising artificial intelligence technology, Brigade Electronics’ Sidescan Predict system constantly gathers information, differentiating between static objects, like road furniture, and moving objects. It also calculates data, such as the speed and distance of a cyclist or pedestrian in the vicinity of the vehicle. Feeding this data into an algorithm created by Brigade, the device accurately gauges the risk of a collision and instantly alerts the driver in time for them to act.


The system comprises six sensors, which have a detection area of 2.5 metres, further reducing the risk of fatalities. The device is always on, even at speeds below 30km/h, and, vitally, is active whether the driver uses their indicators or not. More importantly, the system developed by Brigade Electronics can be retrofitted in a matter of hours and is extremely simple to use.


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