Primary Chinese battery manufacturer CATL has developed superfast charging LFP battery named Shenxing. The new product is capable of delivering 400 km of driving range with a 10-minute charge as well as a range of over 700 km on a single full charge, according to the manufacturer itself.

Focusing on the very nature of electrochemistry, CATL continues its innovation in material and electrochemistry and system structure in an all-round way, achieving superfast charging, high energy density and high level of safety at the same time in a creative manner.

CATL to provide Shenxing battery technology

More into details, Shenxing leverages the super electronic network cathode technology and fully nano-crystallized LFP cathode material to create a super electronic network, which facilitates the extraction of lithium ions and the rapid response to charging signals. Furthermore, CATL’s latest second-generation fast ion ring technology is used to modify the properties of graphite surface, which increases intercalation channels and shortens the intercalation distance for lithium ions, creating an expressway for current conduction.

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“The future of the EV battery technology must remain steadfastly anchored at the global technology frontier as well as the economic benefits,” said Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL, speaking at the launch event. “As EV consumers shift from pioneering users to ordinary users, we should make advanced technology accessible for all and enable everyone to savor the fruits of innovation.”

Production sites also in Germany and Hungary (apart from China)

It is also interesting to notice that the brand-new battery is expected to be produced also in Europe, namely in Germany and Hungary, where the Chinese giant is building an up-to-date Gigafactory located in Debrecen. This resulted from the words spoken by CATL principal engineer Gao Pengfei at IAA Mobility in Munich. As reported by Reuters, “Gao declined to provide a timeline for production in Europe and said no offtake agreements had been finalised with customers in the region yet”.


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