Charging system specialist ChargePoint announces its support for the Megawatt Charging System (MCS), the latest addition to ChargePoint’s leading DC fast charging lineup. Those systems are primarily addressed to the trucking industry.

“Megawatt technology is the first step toward electrifying the commercial trucking industry,” said Hossein Kazemi, CTO for Hardware at ChargePoint. “Megawatt charging solves half of the electrification equation for trucking. The companies developing electric trucks can now leverage this infrastructure to test and enable their vehicles until they meet – or even exceed – the distances covered by internal combustion trucks.”

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ChargePoint towards megawatt charging applications

The MCS cable and connector will be available on ChargePoint’s Power Link 2000 stations, part of the modular Express Plus DC fast charging platform. Initially, MCS will deliver up to 1.2 megawatts. The Megawatt Charging System supports bi-directional charging and will enable output of up to 3 MW in the future before vehicles capable of accepting this rate of charge become available. The system is also designed for charging in marine and aviation applications.


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