Mobility service provider DKV has acquired GreenFlux, a primary European software platform provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging. This acquisition marks DKV’s further expansion into the fast-growing e-mobility charging market and will provide critical competencies, helping DKV to further scale their overall EV charging offer across Europe.

«I am very proud that we have expanded our EV capabilities to this extent and thus provide more services to our customers’ e-fleets throughout Europe», said Marco van Kalleveen, CEO at DKV Mobility. «This dynamic growth shows that electromobility is developing at a rapid pace throughout Europe. In this context, we want to drive the transition towards a more sustainable future of mobility».

DKV and GreenFlux

«Over the past ten years, GreenFlux developed its software platform for EV charging, expanded its reach into 28 countries, and in 2021 was awarded a Financial Times FT-1000 position for fast growth. We look forward to taking the next step by being part of the DKV Mobility Group», added Floris van den Broek, CEO of GreenFlux.

GreenFlux’s offering includes a complete range of solutions for charge point and mobility service operators, enabling core, hardware-independent EV smart charging capabilities such as charging point and charge card management, roaming, payments and charge duration transaction processing.

The agreement with NewMotion: access to 10,000 charging points

Furthermore, Charge4Europe, the joint venture of DKV and innogy eMobility Solutions, and Shell group company NewMotion have recently inked an agreement, which offers DKV customers access to 10,000 charging points in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. 

Over the past two years, Charge4Europe has become a leading player in the field of brand-independent en route supply for electric vehicles, offering access to public charging points. By this network extension, the charging network amounts to over 185,000 charging points in 32 countries.

«DKV is proud to partner with NewMotion», said Christopher Schäckermann, Director eMobility at DKV Mobility and Managing Director at Charge4Europe. «With this partnership, we take a further important step to not only drive green mobility but offer our customers an even more convenient and comprehensive supply network for their fleets».


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