It’s called Dometic Frigo DC the fully electric refrigeration system introduced by the Swedish specialist Dometic. The cooling solution was chosen by young Polish company EV Fleet, whose SmartVan is an innovative and reliable solution for clean urban transportation. The vehicle is based indeed on the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter platform and is featured by quite an innovative concept, as the IoT (Internet of Things) equipment allows for full integration with customer systems. As a matter of fact, the data generated by the vehicle are collected by the EV Fleet team and used to prepare the analyses necessary to optimize logistics processes in city distribution.

The main features of the Fully electric Dometic refrigeration system

The Dometic Frigo DC system is a totally electric cooling system for temperature-controlled transportation. The system operates on 12V, utilizing the vehicle’s battery rather than engine and does not require a roof-mounted structure. Its powerful electric compressor does not require mechanical construction. According to Dometic, this technology is currently the only to offer a way to install cooling systems in the ever-growing fleet of electric cars.

The recent test carried out by the EV Fleet team, in which the vehicle drove 200 km through Warsaw and its suburbs with a full load of 3490 kg, proved the Dometic Frigo DC could keep the desired temperature in the cargo area between 2 and 8 °C for the duration of the journey.


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