Einride and Oatly have been working together for quite a long time, especially in Sweden. Now, the collaboration is taking a further step with the expansion of Einride’s freight mobility solutions to Oatly’s North American ground fleet by deploying connected electric vehicles through Einride’s capacity as a service and software as a service offerings.

Indeed, Oatly, a Swedish company specializing in oat-based drinks, has the goal to shift to 100% sustainable ground transport by 2029. As part of the end-to-end freight mobility solutions Einride offers, Oatly will receive the connected electric trucks, charging infrastructure and connectivity services, all powered by Einride Saga, the proprietary operating system that manages the trucks and provides a new platform for more efficient and sustainable shipping operations. Oatly’s new U.S. fleet of five Einride connected electric trucks will save the company an estimated 400,000 kg of CO2 over the next year, as compared to diesel trucks on the same routes.

Einride and Oatly get partnership to the next level

At launch, Einride will manage the fleet of five electric trucks at two of Oatly’s operating factories in the U.S., located in Ogden, UT and Millville, NJ. Multi-purpose routes will be scheduled routinely from Oatly plants to nearby recycling and packaging partners. Currently, Einride operates Oatly’s electric fleet in Sweden, which is composed of electric trucks that operate 24/7 live transports between Oatly production facilities and warehouse partners.

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“It is important for our team to showcase a resilient business case for going electric while we are rebuilding the freight transport system from the ground up”, said Einride Founder and CEO, Robert Falck. “Since Einride’s inception, we have helped reduce customer CO2 emissions upwards of 90% compared to driving with diesel, and we’re proud that this partnership will support Oatly’s sustainability goals. The partnership with Oatly not only represents the push towards transforming the current shipping landscape, but it is proof that the technology and business model we offer is both resilient and is enabling true sustainable shipping”.


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