Polish Charging system manufacturer Ekoenergetyka has signed a $182 million loan agreement with Bank Pekao S.A. to finance the company’s further dynamic growth. As explained in this post, Ekoenergetyka launched a new production line this month, which will improve efficiency and product quality. The company plans to further automate the line, introducing industrial robots for some elements of the production process.

Ekoenergetyka EV chargers

Ekoenergetyka to rely on new loan

“Electromobility is our future, and an important factor in its dynamic development is the emergence of adequate infrastructure,” says Magdalena Zmitrowicz, deputy CEO of Bank Pekao S.A. “We are very pleased that Bank Pekao can contribute to this development by financing a company that has a significant impact on shaping the market for electric vehicle chargers.

“This financing will provide us with the opportunity for further dynamic development both in the area of international expansion across Europe and for our ambitious investment plans,” added Bartosz Kubik, co-founder and CEO of Ekoenergetyka.


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