On February 14, members of EU Parliament‘s Transport and Tourism Committee proceeded to revise the rules on weights and dimensions in road transport, with the aim of making freight transport more sustainable. The proposal was approved by 26 votes to 11 with one abstention. With this measure, MEPs propose to increase by 4-ton weight and accordingly length of zero-emission trucks to compensate for the space and weight needed to accommodate batteries or fuel cells, at the same time providing additional cargo capacity.

This update should act as an incentive for trucking to switch to zero-emission vehicles. MEPs also stress that the installation of zero-emission technologies should not come at the expense of sufficient cabin space or reduce driver comfort.

The conditions set by the EU Commission for electric trucks with larger size and heavier weight

The EU Commission also endorsed the continued circulation of longer and heavier diesel industrial vehicles (megatrucks), but set some conditions: if member states want to add new roads to operate these vehicles, they must conduct a prior assessment on the impact on road safety, infrastructure, intermodality and the environment. In addition, to facilitate the recognition of these vehicles, MEPs suggest the creation of an EU label on their length. The European Commission should also establish a web portal with information on the weight and length limits applicable in each EU country and which roads are designated for megatrucks.

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The Transport and Tourism Committee also calls for stricter enforcement of EU rules, suggesting that member states set up automatic inspection systems along major roads in the Union to check whether trucks and buses comply with weight and size limits. MEPs are also calling for the use of digital tools, such as the so-called Intelligent Access Policy, which would allow the right vehicle with the right load to operate on the right road at the right time to ensure minimal impact on the environment, infrastructure, human health and safety.

This preliminary position will be voted on by all MEPs at an upcoming plenary session, which could take place as early as March. Then, the issue will be followed up by the new European Parliament after the European elections on June 6-9, 2024.


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