A total of 72 electric trucks were registered in Italy in 2023. This is the figure recorded by ANFIA, the local automotive supply chain association, representing a 323% growth compared to 2022, when the e-trucks registered were just 17. However, these figures are still quite small for a technology that is absorbing much of the energy and resources of the major truck manufacturers and that today represents just 0.3 percent of the registered trucks in a primary European country like Italy.

Beyond electric trucks: how’s the Italian truck market made

ANFIA also points out that the percentage of heavy diesel vehicles is even increasing as a percentage of the total, rising from 96.2 percent in 2022 to 97.1 percent in 2023. There is a slight increase in absolute terms in the number of registered CNG vehicles above 3.5 tons, from 278 to 307 units, while diesel-electric hybrids make a big leap forward, rising from 12 in 2022 to 249 units. Finally GNL-powered trucks are still struggling, mainly because the increase of gas price in the latest years.


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