Electric van manufacturer BrightDrop, launched in 2021, has become partner of General Motors. “We believe that this move will benefit our fleet customers by providing them with an efficient single point of contact through GM Envolve”, stated the company, already backed by GM since the very beginning of their activity.

BrightDrop and General Motors

That structure allowed BrightDrop to operate with the agility and innovation of a tech startup and benefit from GM’s deep manufacturing expertise. With this, BrightDrop has produced a product portfolio that is helping customers like FedEx, Ryder and DHL decarbonize their fleet operations and a team that brought an electric delivery van to market in record time.

GM remains committed to scaling BrightDrop Zevo production, which is expected to resume in the spring of 2024 and will be supported by the launch of CAMI’s new battery-module plant based in Canada. This new battery-module line will have capacity to fully support Zevo production at CAMI and supplement EV production at other GM plants.


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