The latest data released by ACEA highlight quite a strong growth for electric vans in the EU last year. In fact, electrically-chargeable vans showed strong growth in 2022, nearly doubling their market share from 3% in 2021 to 5.3% in 2022. Of course, the market is still dominated by diesel vans, although the latter lost some market share compared to 2021: 86% compared to 90.2%. On the other hand, the number of petrol vans registered increased to 64,585 units last year, which represents a growth of 9.2%.

Registrations of electric vans in the major EU markets

Back to electric vans, all the major markets in the region posted double-digit gains, with Spain leading the way (+57.3%), followed by Germany (+41.3%), France (+33.0%) and Italy (+20.5%). Hybrid electric vans also saw growth in 2022, with registrations up 23.9%, accounting for 2.5% of the EU van market (up from 1.7% in 2021). Italy – the largest EU market for hybrid vans, accounting for 54% of total registrations – saw the highest growth rate (+43.0%).

Sales of vans running on alternative fuels (including natural gas, LPG, biofuels and ethanol vehicles) fell by 28.7%, counting 15,221 units, and making up only 1.2% of total light commercial vehicle registrations.


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