Here’s the usual data released by ACEA as for EU commercial vehicle registrations in January 2022. (Here, the statistics regarding December 2021). Overall, registrations declined by 11.1% compared to the same period of 2021. This is mainly due to the decrease in van registrations. The units registered within the European Union were 125,292. As for the major markets, Spain, France and Germany recorded drops, while Italy managed to keep more or less the same level compared to January 2021.

Light commercial vehicle (up to 3.5 ton) registrations in January

During the first month of the year, demand for light commercial vehicles contracted by 14.2% across the EU to reach 99,461 vehicles. Looking at the four major markets, Italy was the only one that recorded growth (+1.1%). Spain and France suffered double-digit losses (-27.2% and -18.9% respectively) while Germany saw a modest decline (-1.7%).

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks

Truck registrations between 3.5 and 16 ton expanded by 4.1%, totalling 23,537 units sold across the European Union. Central Europe continued to be the main driver of growth, with Poland not only being the third biggest truck market in the EU but also posting the strongest percentage gain (+51.7%). Looking at Western Europe’s major markets, only Spain recorded solid growth (+13.9%) in January 2022. By contrast, Germany (-7.2%), France (-2.8%) and Italy (-0.4%) all saw demand fall in the first month of the year.

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As for the number of heavy commercial vehicles registered in the EU increased by 8.0% to 20,596 units. The markets in Central Europe generally posted strong results, with Poland recording the highest increase (+57.6%). Out of the four largest markets in Western Europe, Spain saw the strongest increase (+16.6%) followed by Italy and France with modest growth (+2.9% and +1.8% respectively). Germany, on the other hand, posted negative results (-2.0%) in the heavy-duty segment.


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