According to the usual ACEA statistics, EU, commercial vehicle registrations in December are still down (-8.4%) compared to the same period of 2020. It is indeed the sixth consecutive month of decline (here our posts on the months of November 2021 and September 2021). More into details, new registrations of trucks and buses increased compared to December 2020, while light commercial vehicles significantly decreases, as shown by the diagram above. Overall in 2021, commercial vehicle registrations in the European Union increased by 9.6% to reach 1,880,682 units, largely thanks to the low base recorded during the first half of 2020. Nevertheless, this full-year result remains far below the 2.1 million units registered in 2019, the year before the pandemic.

Light commercial vehicle registrations in December and during the whole 2021

As mentioned above, during the month of December, registrations of new vans across the EU declined significantly (-12.8%) again. The main reason still being the microchip shortage that has hit production of this vehicle category in particular. As for the main countries within the EU, Spain literally hit the ground with -34.8%. Looking at full-year 2021 volumes, nearly 1.6 million light commercial vehicles were registered across the EU, a year-on-year rise of 8.5%, despite negative results in the last six months of the year.

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FCEV truck with liquid hydrogen? Mercedes-Benz starts testing it

Liquid hydrogen has a significantly higher energy density in relation to volume compared to gaseous hydrogen. As a result, more hydrogen can be carried, which significantly increases the range and enables comparable performance of the vehicle with that of a conventional diesel truck.

Li-Cycle and Arrival to cooperate on lithium-ion battery recycling

By utilizing Li-Cycle’s breakthrough, commercial lithium-ion battery recycling technologies, end-of-life batteries from Arrival’s EV fleets in the U.S.A and Europe can be transformed into battery grade material that could be used in the production of new batteries for new Arrival vehicles.

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Hydrogen fuel cell trucks, Cummins and Air Products sign MoU

Within the framework of the cooperation, Cummins will provide hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrains integrated into selected OEM partners’ heavy-duty trucks for Air Products, as Air Products begins the process of converting its global fleet of distribution vehicles.

IRU Green Compact 2050, a roadmap to carbon neutrality

IRU, the world road transport organization, has been promoting the so-called Green Compact 2050, a roadmap to be shared with international policy makers as well as business players aimed at effectively reduce CO2 emissions in commercial transport to net zero by 2050. On June 24, a digital event was …

Volta Zero, Italy is the next stage of the European tour

Volta Trucks has confirmed that the Volta Zero will make its Italian debut between 7 and 11 June in Milan. The customer event in Italy comes soon after similar successful French and Spanish events that have seen over 600 individual demonstrations of the Volta Zero in COVID-secure environments.

Demand for new heavy commercial vehicles in the European Union

In December, demand for new heavy commercial vehicles in the European Union saw solid growth (+23.5%). This was largely driven by Central Europe’s strong performance, and Poland (+69.4%) especially. In 2021, new heavy truck registrations surged by 21.2%, totalling 240,346 units across the European Union. However, this is still around 12% below 2019 pre-pandemic levels. All 27 EU markets posted growth last year.

25,314 new medium and heavy trucks sold in December

In December 2021, 25,314 new medium and heavy trucks were sold in the EU, up 19.1% compared to the same month one year before. Similar to the heavy truck segment, Central Europe, and Poland (+59.3%) in particular, gave a significant boost to this growth. Looking at the four major markets, Italy (+21.2%) and Germany (+14.6%) recorded the strongest gains. Last year, new truck registrations across EU expanded by 16.8% to reach 289,316 units sold in total. Despite negative results from September to November, gains recorded during the first half of the year and in December helped the full-year performance. As a result, nearly all EU markets managed to perform better than in 2020, including the four major ones: Italy (+22.3%), Spain (+8.1%), Germany (+5.6%) and France (+5.5%).


Sustainable Truck&Van magazine. The first issue is online. Read it here!

Sustainable Truck&Van Magazine, freely available online in its digital version and distributed at the major international exhibitions, starting from the upcoming Solutrans in Lyon, is intended to be a further step in a sustainable journey that will always see us acting as frontrunners. Enjoy your re...

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