Chinese truck manufacturer Farizon unveiled three new energy vehicles as part of the new Farizon G Truck Product Series, the pure electric heavy truck family, Farizon G methanol hybrid heavy truck and Farizon G reformed methanol fuel cell heavy truck. The new products are based on Farizon’s GXA-T architecture, a new intelligent vehicle architecture for new energy heavy trucks.

Based on the GXA-T architecture, the Farizon G Series will be able to utilize a variety of powertrains to suit diverse range of logistics operational requirements. The Farizon G pure electric heavy truck uses Farizon’s i-MPS central drive train, which can significantly lower overall operational cost and expands the range of use cases for electric heavy trucks. The Farizon G methanol hybrid heavy truck, with a range of over 1,500 km, provides worry-free green operations for long-haul logistics. Leveraging its rich experience in methanol vehicles, Farizon has continuously invested in the technologies of methanol reformation for producing hydrogen and fuel cells, in an effort to forge a realistic new path towards reaching global carbon neutrality.

Farizon’s new range of heavy-duty trucks

“Having already sold 150,000 new energy commercial vehicles, Farizon is working toward our next 150,000 vehicles through continued technology and business model innovation. In the next five years, we will strive to become the first brand with 1,000,000 new energy commercial vehicle sold”, commented Fan Xianjun, CEO, Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group.

farizon truck-3

“Commercial vehicle is essential to the sustainable development of the world. When we design a vehicle, we want it to be long-lasting. This is the simplest way of bearing our responsibility to the environment. While our engineers focused on finding the best powertrains and the lightest chassis, we studied the best aerodynamics solution, allowing us to improve vehicle performance and provide the greatest efficiency”, added Hervé Bertrand, Vice President and Design Director, Farizon New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group.

Farizon further announced that the production version of its next generation new energy semi-truck, Farizon “Homtruck”, is expected to be unveiled in August. According to Farizon’s plan, the Homtruck will be one of the most advanced and cleanest commercial vehicles on the road which focuses on efficiency, driver and pedestrian safety, and boasts major breakthroughs in sustainable powertrains.


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